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Immerse yourself into our unique culture and experience what SaltPay has to offer throughout our eight-week SaltPay Summer Scheme.

Scheme dates

21st June —
13th August

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Application deadline

19th May

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As part of the SaltPay Summer Scheme, you will become part of the team overnight, working alongside our team members in the department of your choice, taking on responsibilities and challenges, and get a greater insight into SaltPay and the Payments Industry.

There will be opportunities to attend various talks, workshops and social events as you build your network and gain an in-depth knowledge of one of Europe's fastest growing fintech startups.

Throughout your time on the SaltPay Summer Scheme you will be assessed for a graduate job offer and successful candidates will be invited to join us full time in 2021 or 2022.

Recent graduates team building

Recent graduates in Budapest

why work at saltpay?

Saltpay is on a mission to add a new chapter to the history of payments by focusing on the merchants because although small and medium sized business are the foundation of a vibrant and dynamic society, they are too often neglected by big service providers.

SaltPay is here to bring them an ecosystem of services designed to grow their business with the core pillars of acceptance, automation and acceleration.

As an employer, we are unique because we truly believe in investing in young talent and focussing on growth of the individual. Our strategy is simple, we hire the people who have the potential to be the CEO, and we ensure that they are given the tools and opportunities to achieve their potential.

Our Salters are ambitious, driven, and have a thirst for delivering results through ownership and leadership. We take immense pride in seeing our entry-level graduates going on to be team leaders across Europe in such a short amount of time and nurturing this culture we cherish.

What are the requirements?

We are looking to recruit candidates from all universities and degree disciplines who are in their penultimate-year or final-year of studies.

Our academic requirements are AAB at A-Level or equivalent and a 2:1 degree (obtained or predicted).

Departments available

Customer relations











  • United Kingdom
  • Central Eastern Europe
  • Portugal
  • Iceland
  • South Africa

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